Rockin' Classroom Transformation

I had my calendar marked for September 20th for months. As soon as Get Your Teach On announced this summer that they were hosting a world-wide initiative to boost engagement in schools, my mind was spinning with ideas. Should I do a classroom transformation? Should I do games? How will the day flow? What are some ideas from Pinterest that could help? I was super pumped and could not wait to get this day going in my classroom, within my grade-level, and across our school.

In case you didn't hear about it, Rock Your School by Get Your Teach On took over the social media world! GYTO's purpose behind this day was to get teachers out of their comfort zone and "to create an out-of-the-box educational experience for your students." This year, over 30,000 educators participated from all over the world, and it was nothing less than amazing to see what was happening on Instagram and Facebook! I wanted to share with you all what I did in my room on that day (yes, nearly 2 months later but better late than never, right?!), as well as share some resources that I used that could be used any day of the year.

Since the title of the challenge was "Rock Your School," I went with a rock-n-roll theme in my classroom. I found an inflatable rock-n-roll decorations pack on Amazon that was my inspiration for the rotations my students would be participating in.

Station 1: Song Writer's Circle

Students use Flocabulary to find a beat they liked then wrote a song using vocabulary words. They absolutely LOVED this station! The beats are free on Flocabulary so you don't have to have a paid membership to play around with this, plus they were applying their vocabulary words and being creative all at the same time.

Station 2: Sound Check

The next station was a fluency check, to see how they were sounding when they read. This is something I incorporate into my weekly centers using seesaw as an ongoing online portfolio. Therefore, I added this piece into the day so I could check to make sure everyone was doing this correctly still. Plus, it worked out nicely to go with the theme of the day.

Station 3: Meet & Greet

Inside the inflatable pack were these cool sunglasses which is perfect to wear for a reading challenge. Since we were reading Wonder at the time and working on main idea, I wrote a David Bowie bio and my students had to identify the main idea, 3 supporting details, and write a summary on it. It was funny to hear them talking about David Bowie after this reading, and they liked getting to listen to "Space Oddity" which is referenced in Wonder a few times.

Station 4: Main Stage

The final station was where they got to share their narrative writings they've been working on. Their classmates listened, cheered them on, and gave them help on how to make it better. The best part about this station, to my students, was that they got to stand on the stage and use my microphone. They were totally into this one!

The best part about this day was how excited my students were coming to school. I had sent "tickets" home a week before to inform my parents about our day and encourage the students to dress up. When they arrived to school that day, they received "All Access Passes" for the day which added some fun and excitement.
The thing about this day was it was purposeful! I didn't waste a day to make this happen with the rest of the world. I hit standards that are tough for my students and other topics that I wanted to make sure they were able to do independently. Honestly, my kids took a main idea test the next day! I didn't delay anything in my pacing because I wanted to have a fun day with my kids, I made it work with what I was doing. This was my review day! And guess what, my kids ROCKED that main idea test on Friday! It was all because I purposefully set aside time to make this very rigorous topic engaging for my students.

What did you do to Rock Your School in September? Have you tried anything since then? Share your ideas!!

This is everything I got to make this day possible. Thank you Amazon for always being my go-to!! Click on the images which will take you to the link to purchase.